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Tag: Automotive Technology

The Future is Now – Ford Announces Plans for a Line of Fully Autonomous Vehicles by 2021

Would you trust your safety to a car without a steering wheel? If you are a frequent user of car services, taxicabs, or ride hailing apps, that fully automated future may be closer than you think. Ford recently turned the automotive world on its head when it announced that it would produce a fleet of […]

951 | LinhPTK | Monday, May 29th, 2017

What Automakers Really Know About Cyber Security

Ever since car manufacturers came out with keyless entry in the ’90s, consumers have demanded more and more convenience features on their vehicles. Drivers want cars that park themselves while companies like Google are working on developing self-driving vehicles. These features are made possible through wireless technology and communications through smartphones, but the convenience also […]

1629 | LinhPTK | Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

What would your next car be like

Technology is evolving faster than we can keep track. Communication, entertainment and security have been the focus of most major brands across every imaginable product front. While the common factor is that everyone seems to be wanting more from less, where does that put mobility? People have to move from one place to another, commute. […]

3447 | LinhPTK | Monday, May 8th, 2017

All About Driver-less Cars

Driver-less cars are the latest development in the automotive industry. They are also known as “autonomous vehicles,” and “self-driving cars.” Will this industry trend ever develop into a vehicle that the motorist can buy? How are cars made driver-less? Here are some facts about self-driving cars to answer these questions. Who Makes Driverless Cars? Google […]

5540 | LinhPTK | Friday, May 5th, 2017